Staying Safe While Traveling

Traveling should be a fun and exciting experience. Having sex, meeting new people, trying new things, seeing new places. You should keep in mind however that there are plenty of safety hazards. Our biggest suggestion is speaking with a doctor before traveling anywhere. Learn about any localized diseases or health concerns in those areas. Prepare yourself as best you can be it with a vaccine, gloves, or mask.

Local Consulate

Each and every country should have a consulate from your home country. You should go to their websites and sign up for travel alerts. These can be a life safer especially when visiting third world nations. They can give you early warning of any disasters or problems that occur in the countries. They will also give you information on when it’s safe and what to do.

Even if you happen to run out of money or lose your passports they will help you get back to your home country.

Local STD Rates

Learn about the local STD rates so you will be able to take calculated risks. If you know an area has extremely high level than it’s probably best to stick with the sex toys we mentioned on the home page. If the rates are low than you’re probably safe, assuming you wrap it, to go out with women.

You should be able to find this information online easily accessible.


Try to keep $50 or so on you at anytime. This will buy you most things in third world countries. As a westerner you will likely attract a ton of attention to yourself, whether you want it or not. Keep this in mind at all times and be aware of your surroundings. Many woman will try to sleep with you in order to get your Americans dollars or rob you.

Wrap U

Have fun, be careful, and do your best to be respectful of the local and their culture. Enjoy yourself!

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